We love selfies of beautiful smiles!  And during the pandemic, selfie smiles are some of the only ones we see.  Why not share that beautiful smile you have worked so hard for! Seventeen Magazine shared these tips for making the very best selfies:

  1. Know your angles.  Every face is different, but generally tucking down your chin and tilting your head slightly is pretty flattering. It makes your face look super angular.
  2. Natural lighting is the ticket. Even with zero makeup on, natural lighting will give you that beautiful glow. Avoid fluorescent lighting at all costs.
  3. Take selfies in the morning.  In the morning your makeup is fresh, and your hair hasn’t yet been destroyed by wind/humidity/gym class, which makes it the optimal time for a photo.
  4. Channel your inner model.  If you want a great pic, you better leave your shame at the door.
  5. Camera up.  Angles matter on your camera, too. Instead of smiling into the camera straight-on, hold your phone a little bit above you. It makes the photo look less intense and the downward angle is super flattering.
  6. Clean your room.  People do see your background!
  7. Pick a filter and stick with it.  If you’ve found a subtle filter that perfectly fits your vibe, use it on every pic.
  8. Wear Shades!  If you feel shy in front of a camera, shades can give you confidence.