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Introducing DentalMonitoring

North Seattle Orthodontics is excited to offer the benefits of Dental Monitoring for new Invisalign patients. By downloading the app and providing you with a ScanBox, you can now send scans of your teeth directly to our coordinator and Dr. Lyons for virtual check-ins. This provides a way to monitor your progress and track your treatment from the comfort of your own home.

How It Works

With the DentalMonitoring app and ScanBox pro, you can now send in photos of your teeth and communicate with your practice securely from the comfort of your home — or anywhere in the world.

Appointments At The Right Time

You can now communicate with us through the app whenever you need. Dr. Lyons can even track your progress and schedule your next appointment when it’s best for your treatment, which can help to better manage any emergencies or prevent the need to travel to our office for unnecessary appointments.

The Best Care, Beyond the Practice

Your treatment keeps progressing as your Dr. Lyons monitors your smile remotely, no matter where you are.

See Your Progress In Real Time

By using DentalMonitoring’s time lapse feature, you will see the progress you are making towards your perfect smile.

Secure Connection

Keeping your personal information secure is a priority both for Dr. Lyons and DentalMonitoring. The DentalMonitoring platform is HIPAA/GDPR compliant.

3D Scanning and Printing Technology

How An Orthodontic Uses A 3D Scanner

Technology has been transforming orthodontics for some time now, providing orthodontists with notable advantages over orthodontists of the past. One of the biggest advantages today’s orthodontists have at their disposal is the use of 3D scanners. By using this exciting technology, orthodontists are making treatment better for patients.

What Is 3D Printing?

The process begins by creating a 3D digital model of what you want to be created. The 3D printer then interprets this data and layers on the material until the product is completed. It’s kind of like the opposite of carving out a sculpture or tool. Instead of shaping an object by carving out the excess material bit by bit, you’re layering the material to create something new.

As you can likely guess, 3D printing has a wide range of possible applications, and orthodontists have certainly taken notice. Over the years, orthodontists have found plenty of ways to integrate 3D printing into their practices.

3D Scanning for Aligners

One of the most significant uses of 3D printing in orthodontics is the advent of aligners. This revolutionary system of clear, plastic aligners has transformed orthodontic treatment for good by allowing patients to straighten their teeth without having visible orthodontic appliances.

3D printing allows these aligners to be created quickly and efficiently while giving them a precise fit for patients. This 3D printing system works in tandem with the iTero scanner, a 3D scanning device that provides precise intraoral images of a patient’s teeth. Once the scan is taken, the aligner trays can be printed out and given to the patient. This process is also used at North Seattle Orthodontics to create clear plastic retainers. These clear plastic retainers are given to patients after they complete treatment to help maintain their new and improved smile.

Models Used to Fit Appliances

Even if a patient doesn’t get Invisalign, 3D printing can still be used in their treatment process. For instance, if a patient is getting traditional braces, a model of their jaw and teeth will need to be fabricated to help create their personalized set of braces. 3D printing is a very effective and convenient way to generate these models.

These models are also used to create retainers, such as the traditional Hawley retainer or clear overlay retainers.

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