Are you one of the 4 million people in the United States who wear braces? Having an attractive smile can set you or your child up for a lifetime of success because they convey someone who is confident and trustworthy. The benefits of braces are many, however, they can be a pricey investment.

If you have braces or you plan on getting them, you need to know how to avoid the most common braces wearing errors so that you can see the best results. Keep reading to learn about how to wear braces and how to prevent mistakes.

Not Brushing Braces

The biggest way to make a mistake with braces is by not having a good braces cleaning routine. These appliances can trap food near the surface of teeth and gums, which can increase the chance of decay or gum disease. Practicing hygiene by flossing and brushing multiple times a day will help avoid this.

Depending on the equipment that you have, you may need to purchase different products to clean effectively. Some people need to use special dental picks, threaders, or water flossers to reach the areas that may be hard to get to.

Biting Hard Objects

If you are eating hard food or food that is not recommended, your braces and brackets can break off or prompt the wires to break. Eating with braces can still be fun, even with dietary restrictions. Make sure that you know which foods to avoid to ensure that you don’t break parts off.

In general, you should try to avoid sugary or sticky foods. Here is a list of foods that you should not eat:

  • Big chunks of ice
  • Hard nuts
  • Hard candies or caramel
  • Popcorn
  • Food with shells

Doing Work at Home

Another common mistake that people make is thinking that they can make their own repairs if something goes wrong. If you have a broken bracket or missing piece, remember that superglue is not the same thing as a dental adhesive.

No matter how minimal the damage is, never try to fix your braces at home. You can risk doing it wrong, swallowing the pieces, or damaging teeth and gums in the process. Instead, call your orthodontist to talk about how to fix the issue and go into the office for the work.

Going With the Cheapest Selection

We get it: everyone wants to shop around to find the best deal possible. But when it comes to quality, the cheaper option is not always better, especially with braces. Quality treatments will ensure that your appliances are less likely to break and that you or your child are as comfortable as can be.

Try out online assessments or schedule a consultation to see if your needs can be met at an affordable price. Remember that this is a lifetime investment, so you need to do your research to find the right fit for you.

Ignoring Your Retainer

After you are done with your braces, make sure that you don’t ignore or forget about your retainer and follow-up care. Years of alignment and discomfort can go out the door in just a few months if you don’t wear it.

Make sure that you rinse the retainer with lukewarm water to remove bacteria and buildup. The best way to clean it is by soaking it in distilled water with baking soda or dental tablets.

Working With a Dentist

While dentists now offer clear aligners, only orthodontists have the training and experience to offer effective treatment when it comes to orthodontics. It is important to identify potential problems or deviate from the current plan if needed.

Orthodontists can offer different services like surgery which can correct jaw alignment, whereas dentists cannot offer this qualified treatment.

Not Visiting Your Orthodontist Regularly

One of the best ways to make sure that you know the ins and outs of your braces is by attending your appointments and asking questions. When working with family orthodontists like North Seattle, you can feel comfortable that your child’s treatments will be thoroughly explained to you and your teens.

Skipping any appointments can lead to longer treatment times. Check-ups are great to repair any broken parts, identifying tooth decay, or making small adjustments for treatment. You may not realize you have broken or loose braces but your orthodontist will, which will help prevent damage.

Not Following Recommendations

Now that you know to never miss appointments, keep in mind that you should also stick close to the tips from your dental professionals. It can be helpful to have one or both parents help children remember the advice and maintain their braces, especially if your child is younger.

Following these guidelines will also help save money and quicken the process. Your professionals will guide you through the work you will get done and on how to maintain your braces.

Avoid Braces Wearing Errors

Getting braces is a big decision and investment, but it is incredibly worthwhile if you are willing to do what it takes to maintain the care of your teeth. If you take the advice in this article to maintain good oral health, avoid potential dangers, and communicate with your orthodontist, you will be on the right track to avoid any braces wearing errors.

If you have any more questions or concerns about your braces, contact us to get the answers you need. We can help you take the steps toward a brighter and more beautiful smile.