Are braces a sensible choice for adults? A look at the statistics gives an honest answer to that question and a statistic that might surprise you. Over one in four orthodontic care patients in the US and Canada are adults.

So don’t let your age put you off getting a treatment that could be genuinely transformational. If you don’t believe us, discover the benefits for yourself in this guide.

We’ll explain seven compelling reasons why braces for adults are a fantastic orthodontic treatment and might be just what you need for that winning smile. 

1. You Can Hide Your Braces

When you think of braces, you might naturally think of teenagers with traditional wires on their teeth.

But though some patients in their teenage years still use these braces, they aren’t the only style on the market. Nowadays, you have several brace solutions from which to choose, including some that you can conceal from the world, even when showing your broadest smile.

Invisible braces are fashionable nowadays. These are molded to the shape of your teeth, and the dentist will place the clear plastic mold in your mouth, which is so subtle that few people will notice. 

You can also have braces that sit behind the teeth (called lingual braces). This design gives you all the plus points metal braces but enables you to hide them from the world. 

Having this choice means you don’t have to compromise over cost, duration, or cosmetics. There are so many different options that it is easy to find one that fits your needs. 

2. You’ll Get a Natural Smile 

Some people opt for veneers to get that Hollywood-style brilliant white smile. However, our smile is part of what makes us unique. And as surprising as it sounds, the shape, and size of our teeth give us our distinct natural beauty.

When choosing braces, you work on adjusting and straightening your natural teeth rather than replacing them with a porcelain copy.

And though that might feel like a minuscule difference from a cosmetic standpoint, braces offer a more natural appearance.

Friends and family are less likely to know you’ve had cosmetic work done on your teeth. That might be a bonus if you prefer to keep your dental treatment confidential. 

3. It’s Pain-Free

Let’s face it. None of us leap for joy when facing the prospect of sitting in a dental chair. If you’ve ever had your teeth drilled for fillings or experienced a tooth distraction, you’ll have memories of needles and numb cheeks. 

Modern braces are something of a breath of fresh air when it comes to dental care. These treatments don’t come with the pain of drills, injections, or any other therapy that leaves you shuddering. 

With a modern brace, the dental practitioner will take a mold of your teeth. This measures the shape and size of the brace you’ll need. But it’s not painful. It’s quick and easy. 

During your initial brace fitting, the dentist will try the braces in your mouth to check whether they are the correct size. While you might sense a tightness from the brace gripping your teeth, it isn’t painful. 

4. It’s Affordable

There are several ways you can make cosmetic dentistry more affordable for your budget.

The benefit of braces is that you’ll have the chance to choose from different treatment options. You could also focus on your upper teeth and leave your lower teeth, which will also reduce costs. 

Another relevant point to mention here is that braces are an ongoing treatment in phases.

So you may be able to pay in installments to help spread the cost, paying for the initial fitting and only covering the cost of further braces when you need to replace them. 

Braces also require little long-term care, unlike other cosmetic treatments, which may need replacing eventually.

So once you’ve paid for the treatment, that investment will last a long time, providing you maintain excellent dental hygiene and have regular dental checkups. 

5. It Prevents Dental Decay

If you have crowded teeth or unusual gaps, you could have a higher risk of dental problems and decay.

Take overlapping teeth, for example. This situation might make it harder to floss and remove food and bacteria lodged between your teeth. That area is more prone to tooth decay with rotting food or bacteria. 

So by straightening your teeth, you are giving yourself a better chance of keeping your teeth in perfect condition. It will make it easier to clean and floss them. 

Braces also become more beneficial as we age because we tend to lose some of our jaw structure. That loss of structure can make your teeth more crowded or crooked over many decades.

By investing in braces, you’ll prevent that from happening, which will give you a better jawline cosmetically and also from a dental hygiene standpoint. 

6. It’s Short-Term

Some cosmetic dentistry, like veneers, requires a permanent alteration in your teeth, removing some top enamel to help stick the veneers.

That is a long-term change that will need plenty of contemplation, as once you make the change, you can’t get your old teeth back.

While braces permanently move your teeth to a better position, they don’t cause long-term damage.

And the treatment itself is a short-term option, so once it’s complete, you have no long-term dental support needs because you decided to go with braces. 

7. You’ll Have More Confidence

Crooked and overcrowded teeth can leave you less confident about smiling in pictures or meeting people. If that resonates, you may benefit from the cosmetic changes you’ll get from braces.

You’ll have a new sense of pride and confidence when smiling, assured about your straight, neat row of teeth. 

Are Braces for Adults Right for You?

As you can see, braces for adults aren’t an unorthodox dental option. They are a standard of dental care to the highest standard and the best long-term way to get a beautiful straight smile and healthy teeth.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for braces, arrange a consultation with our team today. Head here to find an available booking slot