Every year at NSO we sponsor a toy and gift drive for youth in foster care for Treehouse for Kids. We have not only had the pleasure of organizing this annual gift and fund drive for them, but we have had the opportunity to visit their facility and volunteer our time with their amazing team. They have a large warehouse where donations are collected and sorted, then they are moved to their store. Children, youth and young adults who have experienced foster care and their caregivers can shop for high quality clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, books, free tickets to events and other essentials in the Treehouse Store.

We will be collecting new, unwrapped toys and gifts in our lobby through December 20th, 2019. Please consider dropping off a donation to help youth in Foster Care. Check out their website for more information, and a list of items they are in need of. We have also included some information about how Treehouse got started. Happy Holidays everyone! 

In 1988, a group of social workers founded Treehouse on the belief that kids in foster care deserve a community committed to their success. As firsthand witnesses to the impact of child abuse and neglect, they understood that the problems they were working to solve could not be answered alone. Funded by community bake sales and car washes, they started small–purchasing the little things like birthday presents and school supplies.

Treehouse has experienced tremendous growth over the last 30 years. Powered by our generous donors, talented staff and many caring committed partners, Treehouse has become Washington’s leading organization addressing the academic and other essential supports of more than 7,000 youth in foster care. Now we are nationally recognized thought leaders and innovators in our field. We approach our work with a fierce commitment towards equity, understanding that it is an investment in our mission and shared success. Lastly, we’ve proven that with a bold, ambitious goal, you can drive powerful results.

Whether you’re a student working to raise your math grade or a nonprofit ensuring graduation equity for youth in foster care, we believe success is determined by the goals you set. Goals present an important vision of the future for the community to rally behind and provide action steps to turn those visions into reality. In 2017, Treehouse achieved a major goal when our youth nearly doubled their high school graduation rate in just 5 years. They proved to us then and continue to prove to us now that when the community invests in intentional, individualized support for youth in foster care, we can create a world where they can pursue their dreams and launch successfully into adulthood.