Clear aligner orthodontic treatment is very convenient. You can remove your aligners to eat and brush your teeth, etc.  It’s so convenient that sometimes people actually forget that there is another important step in the process besides just inserting and removing the aligners.  It’s very important to keep them clean too!  Aligners should be cleaned once a day at least, twice is preferred. Brushing your aligners at the same time as you brush your teeth can help keep them as clean as possible throughout the day. Keep a separate toothbrush that you only use for the aligners with the softest bristles you can find. Baby toothbrushes work well because they’re especially soft.  You can use a small amount of clear, gentle soap with the toothbrush or brush them with just water. Do not use toothpaste!  Use gentle brush strokes to avoid damaging or scratching the aligners.

And whenever you do remove aligners during the day to eat, etc., rinse them before putting them back in. This gets rid of the saliva, food particles, or other things that get on the aligners.