About four million Americans wear braces (and 25% of them are adults). However, 80% of adults now decide to use aligners to straighten their teeth. Straightening teeth at a younger age is usually more effective (while teeth and jaws are still in development).

With Invisalign for teens, your teenager can straighten their teeth before adulthood to show off their smile with confidence. On the fence?

Read on to discover the top six benefits of Invisalign treatment today!

1. Avoid Decay and Gingivitis

About 13.2% of children and 35.9% of adults (ages 20 to 44) have untreated dental caries. Your teen could develop cavities, even as an adult, if their teeth aren’t straight. When our teeth aren’t straight, there are more places for bacteria to hide.

Bacteria can mingle with saliva to form plaque (the tacky, clear substance that clings to and between our teeth). Brushing and flossing can help minimize plaque formation. When plaque gets the chance to linger, however, it can harden into tartar.

Your teen will need to schedule a professional teeth cleaning to have tartar removed. When left untreated, a cavity could form, causing painful symptoms. 

Closing any gaps in your teen’s smile will make it easier for them to brush and floss their teeth. Plaque, bacteria, and food particles will have fewer places to hide.

Otherwise, your teen could lose their teeth, leading to more expensive treatments. Their confidence could decline if they’re unhappy with the appearance of their smile.

When their teeth are crooked or gaps form between their teeth, their risk of gum disease (gingivitis) increases as well. Inflammation of the gums can occur. Your teen might notice their gums are swollen, red, sensitive, and prone to bleeding. 

Other symptoms of gingivitis include:

  • Gums receding
  • A change in how teeth fit together
  • Bad breath (that doesn’t go away with brushing)
  • Pain when chewing
  • Loose teeth
  • Lost teeth

When left untreated, gingivitis progresses to periodontitis. Your teen’s likelihood of losing teeth will increase. Periodontitis also increases their risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

Invisalign treatment can close the gaps in your teeth’s smile, giving plaque and food particles fewer places to hide. You can decrease their risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other complications with treatment. 

Instead of feeling self-conscious about their smile, they can start showing it off!

Improved Oral Health

After completing treatment with their clear aligners, your teen’s teeth and jaws will appear straight. Your teen might feel more inclined to prioritize their oral health after treatment. Neglecting to brush and floss, however, could ruin the results of their Invisalign treatment.

Your teen might feel more responsible for their oral health after straightening their teeth with Invisalign. They’ll want to maintain the results of their treatment by brushing, flossing, and scheduling routine appointments. 

Learning how to prioritize their oral health as a teen could set them up for success as an adult. 

2. Beat Bruxism

If your teen’s teeth don’t rest against one another, the misalignment might lead them to clench and grind their teeth. This condition, called bruxism, can cause enamel to wear down over time. Enamel protects your teen’s teeth from bacteria and decay.

Prolonged bruxism can cause sleep issues and headaches, affecting your teen’s quality of life and ability to focus during the day.

Other symptoms include tight jaw muscles, chipped or loose teeth, jaw soreness, and sensitivity.

Since they can’t “rebuild” enamel, their oral health could remain at risk, too. The texture, color, and shape of their teeth might also change. 

Beginning treatment with Invisalign clear aligners will allow your teen to remain proactive. They can straighten their teeth before developing bruxism.

Otherwise, their teeth could become more susceptible to decay if left vulnerable without enamel.

3. Better Digestion

If your teen’s teeth aren’t straight, they might struggle to chew harder foods like fruits, vegetables, and steak. When we don’t thoroughly chew our meals, digestive problems can occur. Some patients avoid certain foods that they struggle to chew.

Your teen might not receive the vitamins and minerals they need as part of a balanced diet if their teeth are crooked.

Straightening their teeth with Invisalign can improve their ability to chew. Thoroughly chewing their meals can help them avoid digestive problems.

4. Make Space

If your teen loses a tooth due to a car or sporting accident, they might start hiding their smile or feeling self-conscious. The teeth around the gap might lean to fill in the space, causing their teeth to appear crooked.

Invisalign treatment can straighten your teen’s teeth. Then, they can receive a dental implant to replace the lost tooth. Filling in the gap can help them avoid future oral health issues down the road. 

5. Avoid Injuries

If your teen’s teeth are crooked, they could lose a tooth during an accident. A crooked tooth might scratch the inside of their lip or gums, too. Some patients bite their tongues more often because their teeth are crooked.

Straightening your teen’s teeth with clear aligners could help them avoid future injuries. 

6. Improved Confidence

One of the top benefits of Invisalign treatment is the visual results.

Your teen will feel more confident once they have a stunning, straight smile. That confidence boost could help them take risks at school or in their future career.

If their teeth are crooked, they might hide their smile away in pictures and social settings. Their self-consciousness might make them feel reserved.

Other teens won’t notice your child’s clear aligners. The clear plastic is discrete and comfortable, allowing them to complete the treatment without drawing attention. Since metal brackets and wires aren’t involved, your teen might feel more comfortable during the entire treatment process. 

Invisalign for Teens: Visit an Orthodontist in Seattle

To recap, what are the benefits of Invisalign for teens? Invisalign clear aligners are discrete. They can help straighten your teen’s teeth, helping them avoid oral health issues in the future.

Set your teen up for success. Visit your Seattle orthodontist today to discuss treatment with Invisalign.

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