kid with wistle
As sad as we are that so many sports were cancelled this year, we still want to remind our patients to wear mouth guards and appropriate protective gear when participating in activities that could cause injuries. The damage caused by a ball, puck or elbow to the face can be devastating, often resulting in serious injury and a lifetime of oral health issues. Here are a few quick tips on playing it safe when playing sports as we celebrate National Facial Protection Month:

  • Wear a mouth guard. Mouth guards are one of the least expensive forms of protective wear and they can help prevent jaw, mouth and teeth injuries caused by a collision or fall. Be sure to ask us about our favorite mouth guards.
  • Wear a helmet. Helmets absorb the energy of an impact, and should be worn for activities like biking, skateboarding and in-line skating.
  • Wear protective eyewear. Eyes are extremely vulnerable to injury during sports like soccer, baseball and hockey.
  • Wear a face mask to avoid scratched or bruised skin. Protect that beautiful face of yours!